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Corporate Photo Booth Hire Manchester.

Make your next corporate event in Manchester truly unforgettable with PHOTOBAE, the premier photo booth rental service. Our highly customisable packages and luxury photo booths will help make your brand event an instant hit.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing your guests with the best possible experience, and our cutting-edge technology ensures that your photos will look great every time. Make your event an unforgettable experience.

Photobae is a premier photo booth hire service that specialises in providing corporate events with a fun and engaging experience for all attendees. Our kiosks are designed and decorated to match your brand specifications and provide a range of customisable experience options that allow your guests to engage with your brand in a unique and memorable way.

Trusted by Leading UK Companies

We’ve provided Photo Booth Experiences for a cast array of Leading Companies across the UK.

Why hire a Photobooth for Coporate events.

Using a corporate photo booth as a marketing strategy is a creative and engaging way to enhance brand expos.

Branded Props and Backdrops:

Design props and backdrops that incorporate your brand colours, logo, and key messages. This ensures that every photo taken is a visual representation of your brand.

Customizable Photo Prints:

Include your logo, tagline, and social media handles on the photo prints. This turns every printed photo into a tangible marketing material that guests can take home and share.

Social Media Integration:

Set up the photo booth to allow instant social media sharing. Encourage users to share their branded photos online, tagging your company and using a specific event hashtag. This expands your brand reach beyond the event itself.

Create a Memorable Experience:

Make the photo booth experience enjoyable and memorable. Consider incorporating interactive elements, augmented reality filters, or themed props related to your brand or industry.

Capture User Data:

Integrate a data capture mechanism into the photo booth experience. This could be through a quick survey, a QR code that leads to a landing page, or by encouraging users to sign up for exclusive offers. This helps you build a database for future marketing efforts.

Post-Event Marketing:

Leverage the content generated by the photo booth after the event. Share the best photos on your social media channels, website, or in email campaigns to keep the momentum going.

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